Why we love T.O.P and his eyebrows (More importantly- why you should, too)

Now that we have effectively introduced you to Trash vs. Garbage, it’s time to explore one of my personal favorites of the trashcan variety, Choi Seung Hyun, otherwise known as T.O.P.


Some of you may know this fine specimen from a lil’ band from South Korea called Big Bang.

Lil’ Band? Anne, they’re huge, they’ve been around for a decade and-

OKAY, RIGHT, SO I AM A FLIPPANT INDIVIDUAL- Accept it and move on, this is about T.O.P and his thoroughly excellent eyebrows, not how much I’ve lived under a rock for the entirety of my life.

Listen, Mari and myself are connoisseurs of eyebrows. We appreciate a good eyebrow. In fact, we’ll probably add a post about how much we enjoy good brows to this trashcan of a site if y’all wait long enough. Take Kim Woo Bin for example



The man has strong eyebrow game. We know it, he knows it, everyone knows it and we can all agree that he uses it to his full advantage.


Side note: he is totally dating this beautiful goddess, Shin Min Ah, and I am ABOUT THIS

Okay, this T.O.P post is slowly becoming wildly about Not T.O.P which is what everyone who is not T.O.P will hereby be referenced as from here on out. Let me further explain why he is an international treasure. 

If you go on my blog, you’ll note that I’m here on earth for a few things. Mostly, I am here for T.O.P’s eyebrows.

tops eyebrows

His eyebrows, stern gaze (or smolder, as my friend Morgan says), and 2 kewl 4 skewl persona draw you to him, but then he slams you with the trashcan, energy efficient personality and what do you have? Full blown T.O.P appreciation and the primary reason I get on the internet anymore.



What? Anne, this is a Korea category post. Come on, stick with the program, be organized-

Hush, I am a mess, it is what makes me such trash. I’m writing this at 1:15AM on a Friday night/Saturday morning, do you really think I care if this post is a million years long or accidentally crosses the barriers of other categories?!

Since I, like Patrick Star, live most of my life under a rock, I am sometimes unaware of things I would very much like- example: T.O.P.  I didn’t even get on this Korean Drama kick until November 2015, y’all. As of the writing of this post it’s been 2.5 months, I’m a newb.

Because of this, I had heard of Big Bang but never listened to anything from them, nor did I plan to listen. No, instead, the first time I was introduced to T.O.P was through this mini-drama that aired in October/November 2015, Secret Message.

I decided to watch it for 2 reasons: The premise seemed interesting and the main guy looked attractive (I am shallow). Basically I saw this poster:


and I thought, “Jesus, what impressive eyebrow game, I must see more,” and Lord, did it not disappoint.


Choi Seung Hyun is a total trashcan in this drama and I 100% appreciated everything he and his eyebrows had to offer. Then, this happened:

Let’s be real, I love me a good deep voice, which T.O.P more than delivers. But then he threw this catchy little ditty of a song at me? I took to Wikipedia and fell down the rabbit hole that is Big Bang. This is also Mari’s fault. Everything I like is Mari’s fault. (“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” – Mari)


Finally, what really makes T.O.P a trashcan? The eyebrows and deep voice do so much for him but just look at the things he makes when set free to create things either by himself or with his friends. What are these videos?? Why do I feel the need to watch both of them at leAST ONCE A WEEK?! Francis Bacon in the kitchen.

Anne, those are music videos, I’m sure plenty of people helped on that so, really, it could have been-

[ DISCLAIMER: I, Mari, did not provide the voice of reason that occasionally appears in this post. It is an unknown entity. I am not reasonable.]

No, hush vague voice of reason, go look at his Instagram– you will find pictures of him, wine, modern art (all fine) but then you’ll find gems like this and, if you’re lucky, you’ll see him do some really weird things he’ll later delete, like the Google nose photo.  

IMG_4066 IMG_4074 IMG_4090

Truly, a Saga. 

Also, just watch him on any variety show, he’s a total trash receptacle don’t argue with me on this one. (I’m just going to leave videos here though watch out for some they have weird laughing or other editing features that make me uncomfortable; most are beautiful though). 
This concludes my introductory post on T.O.P. What was the point of it all, you ask? Well, honestly, I just wanted a place where I could post pictures and videos of T.O.P so that when I look back on this in a few years I can be reminded of how enjoyable he is as a human being.

T.O.P seen kicking what seems to be an innocent Spongebob Squarepants doll

T.O.P seen kicking what seems to be an innocent Spongebob Squarepants doll. Our sources confirm Spongebob was not injured in the incident.

 P.S. There are very few people whose facial expressions I can so well relate to, so I must say, thank you T.O.P for making weird faces because I, too, do this.

stank face top

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