Trash vs. Garbage: Lesson 2


At this point, we expect you understand us when we oh-so-affectionately refer to something as trash. Right? Good. If not, educate yourself.

Okay, Anne, I get it, trash is good but could you like, I don’t know, explain garbage.

Yeah, you trashcan, I can definitely do that, chill.


Example: all that is pictured above? Garbage. The word chill is borderline trash but since it’s pixelated and that annoys me, I’m putting it fully under GARBAGE.

Garbage is when someone or something is so odiously awful that you are left with no other choice but to get rid of it, because it is not worth keeping in your life.

To illustrate our point, we have the following examples for your perusal:

1. Shitty Friend (Yoo Se Mi) from My Love From Another Star


For those of you who may not have seen MLFAS, please do so immediately. It is a great example of trash versus garbage.

Our beautiful princess of a main character (the glorious Song Yi) has this “friend”- Yoo Se Mi. Note she looks about 10 seconds from crying- she looks like this for the entirety of the show. 

She is the epitome of an “I am a victim but nothing is my own fault, waaah!” mentality that then disgustingly devours her every action, making her hell-bent on “revenge.” Faking friendship? Garbage. Treating people terribly because you have misattributed the cause of things not going your way to being their fault? Total garbage. What does Yoo Se Mi do? Both of those things. Therefore, what is Yoo Se Mi? GARBAGE. 

I’m sorry to this actress but, because of this role, she will always be ‘the shitty friend who is garbage’ to me. (Side note: she is totally in this Big Bang M/V which Mari and I were not expecting)

2. Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens


Look, I don’t have much to say about Kylo Ren partially because I don’t want to get spoiler-y just in case someone out there who is sensitive to spoilers still hasn’t seen the newest in the war of stars. 

What I can say though is that our most visible antagonist in TFA is nothing but a big crying man baby. Kylo Ren is garbage. Man babies in general are garbage (hint: grow the fuck up). If you have seen Star Wars you should understand he is garbage. He has no reason to be acting the way he is acting and everyone knows it.


Honest to God, he just breaks everything in sight. Stop this, Kylo, it is so unnecessary. Use your damn words. Again, you see the ‘I am a victim’ mentality that has turned into vengeful actions that only serve to annoy everyone in sight. 


For this reason, Kylo Ren is total, 100% GARBAGE.

What isn’t garbage is the delightful media that followed his appearance in TFA, such as the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter account. If you need a good laugh after dealing with garbage, this Twitter can get the job done.

3. Not living in the same city as one**** of your very best friends


**** Mari’s Note: Anne phrased this as, “one of your very best friends” but what she really meant was that I am THE best friend there ever was, ever in existence. There are no other best friends. I systematically hunted and devoured them all. Thank you, pls carry on with your education.

This is arguably the garbagiest of all the garbage there is; the ultimate injustice of not being able to see your best friend in person on the regular.

I realized while writing this post we had chosen two very similar characters to exemplify garbage, but note that garbage can extend beyond people and into circumstances. Mari and I live roughly 1,200 miles apart with a two hour time difference. It could be worse, sure, but I had the trashiest week ever when I got to visit her and it reminded us that, man, it is TOTAL GARBAGE that we cannot live in the same city.

y u live so far mari??

Honestly, look at us being hella cute while trapped in a parking garage. 

I mean, really, why do you think we end up making trash things like this together? We’re upset by the garbage that is the physical distance between us and we need to console ourselves with things we enjoy.

While we lucked out to actually live as close as we do and have the ability to visit one another, it still sucks because of reasons therefore it is garbage.


Now here is my challenge to you dear reader: go forth and appreciate the trash in your life, get rid of the garbage and, most importantly, understand the difference between the two.

Good luck and happy dumpster diving, because the world is full of trash and garbage and we’re all just sifting through it.

**Disclaimer: Anne has never been strong at concluding her writing, please forgive her for that last sentence, she is but a mere trash receptacle and really cannot be expected to write well since all she ever writes are e-mails to students or long papers about boring social phenomena.**

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