Fav Things #1


Every Sunday we’ll be reflecting on the latest additions to our long list of Favorite Things. This post is your weekly update on the best trash in this universe. You’re welcome.

This is our first Fav Things post! This was our first week having a blog in which to document the trash that is our daily existence! YoooOOOooooo /INSERT 10 MILLION CELEBRATORY LINE STICKERS HERE

Okay, anyway, we both agreed that this felt like an absurdly long week. It might have something to do with the fact that it preceded a long weekend, and also the world lost Alan Rickman which was NOT OKAY and we are pretending it nEVER HAPPENED. Let’s focus on the rest of this extremely long post instead in order to avoid confronting our feelings. Btw, this post will ALWAYS be really long. We’re not sorry.

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