Soul Connection: To Mari, Love Anne

Listen, it’s not every day you find a best friend. Hell, it’s not every year, decade, or century you find a best friend. In fact, if you really consider the world being the size it is, people being the way they are, and all the little weird coincidences in life we live through, it’s really a miracle we find a best friend at all.

That’s what I classify finding Mari as- a miracle.

I met Mari in a way that people used to warn against- via the internet. Let’s be real, people I know still try to convince you not to make friends on the internet but our generation pretty much ignores that warning and, in this case, I’m very glad I did.

We started chatting via Tumblr message because I saw and reblogged a promo post she had for a project she was starting with another friend (you might have heard of it, Love in Print ;D). I started following their shared blog, they followed back and eventually she sent a message saying we would all get along well. We would chat periodically for about 2 months on Tumblr ‘asks.’ Very surface level, mostly just excited squealing, nothing terribly deep (ily Mari).

The day Mari asked to chat on Google Hangouts totally freaked me out (lol SURPRISE MARI) because I remember thinking she was so COOL and I worried she wouldn’t like me once she actually got to chatting (see: instances where Anne was wrong). She added me on every social media within a week and I was like “WHOA” because honestly, I’m a turtle when it comes to adding people on social media. Mari is a go-getter (and the best) so obviously, she is the reason this friendship is as great as it is, because I’m way too shy to be that proactive.

I did like, thank u T.O.P for providing all visuals in this post

At the time, I was living in Chicago alone. I knew only people who I went to school or worked with and I honestly didn’t have a lot of time to make other friends or even hang out with people on the weekend. Most of the time, I was depressed, cold, lonely, and stressed. The end of 2013 through the beginning of 2014 was awful and I don’t think I truly understood the scope of how bad it had gotten until it started getting better.

Since the day in late May 2014 that Mari started talking to me, we have chatted in some way, shape, or form every single day. I don’t know how it happened but we had a soul connection.Without her, I would have been unbearably miserable and I don’t think my days right now would be nearly as bright.

y u live so far mari??

bringin’ this back

I am still in awe of how lucky I am to have Mari in my life. She is my best friend, role model, big sister (unnie??), child I am fiercely protective of, my parent who protects me, confidant, someone who is always on my team, and my Slytherin I will stick up for until I take my last Huffle breath. She’s brought so many good things to my life- joy, laughter, righteous indignation at things I felt nothing toward previously, the ability to handle ~feels~ again, our Alybro, great writing… it’s endless. I even got to meet her IN PERSON in December where she let me stay in her house and yell about Kpop bands and Kdramas together.

I really just want to use this gif in all aspects of my life

Basically, this post is a tribute to Mari. I’ve written songs about it, sure, but I wanted to remind her. She is my kick in the butt when I need it, she kicks other people’s butts when I need it, she is everything- she is my best friend. Her husband thought we’d be enemies if I visited, but joke’s on him, we’re closer than ever before (& never going to let him live it down how wrong he was).


srsly tho how are we so cute?? ?? ?

Mari, thanks for being the best friend I have ever had and ever will have. No one gets me quite like you do. Thank you. I love you dearly. I say it a lot, but one more time. 사랑해. (Saranghe)

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