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Every Sunday we’ll be reflecting on the latest additions to our long list of Favorite Things. This post is your weekly update on the best trash in this universe. You’re welcome.

Okay guys, this week’s Fav Things is so, so, SO late and it can absolutely NOT be blamed on Anne because it is ALL MARI’S FAULT. I am still sick so everything in my universe is off schedule and bizarre right now, pls bear with me. Without further ado, welcome to Fav Things #4: WINNER HELL EDITION.




My new planner + Office Supplies


What, it’s not about some Korean celebrity??? Ha, ha, ha the rest is, don’t worry about it. Anyway, I went to Target (bless that establishment, except Mari’s doesn’t sell iced mochas anymore which is beyond messed up) this week and bought a journal to keep my notes in for learning Korean. I also bought a planner which I’ve been using all week almost as an organizational tool for these fave things posts. THOUGH I suppose you could say I bought it with the intention of it being an organizational tool to keep me on track for chores and learning Korean, but whatever, it’s fine.

This video of T.O.P rapping at the end of Doom Dada

Let’s just face it, T.O.P is a good performer despite everyone saying he can’t dance (lol). I love that they had different music paired with it; I love that they upped the anticipation of this portion of the rap; I love that sway kick movement he does during the really fast part; I just plain love it, y’all. I made my coworker watch it, too, so you know it’s serious (the one I showed watched it twice, EVEN SHE WAS IMPRESSED- she likes G-Dragon too in the ‘wow is that a real person?’ kind of way, which is also a favorite thing of mine hahaha). Anyway, watch it below:


Bonus: This vine of T.O.P dancing strangely that I spent Friday afternoon in my office trying to replicate with coworkers

Mari’s Note: Please be aware that TOP had to nap for approx 600 years after this dance routine

Winner Hell 2k16

There’s not much to say about this except that, once again, because of Mari I found something I am really into and that is WINNER. This precious bb boy band from YG has taken over my life since last Sunday when their latest EP dropped. I appreciated them vaguely before that, but with the EP it sparked me watching WINNERTV from right after they won WIN and I found out that they are all trashcans of epic proportions.

min owns eyebrow acting mino woobin

I love their music, it has been on repeat ALL WEEK. I’m a mess. Here’s my fave of the moment, though let’s be real, I like ALL OF IT. (THIS IS ALL MARI’S FAULT!!!!)

#mari acknowledges that everything is her fault 2k16

I surprisingly like them all, too (meaning no member I’m actively against as a human). They are each so unique but they mesh and meld together so well, but there are two in particular who have risen to my faves because…

Minhoon BrOTP 2k16

Pause for a second and take in the glory that is Song Min Ho and Lee Seung Hoon because they are, without a doubt, my BrOTP. They are the trashiest of friendships and they, naturally, remind both Mari and myself of, well, us. Their dynamic of goofy trash is similar and we love them for it. I honestly have so many things from Tumblr I could share at this point but I’m going to just leave these here and move on before it gets worse.

Mari’s Note: Anne and Mari took a quiz to find out which WINNER member was their soulmate. Anne got Seunghoon and Mari got Mino which means ANNE MUST BE MINO AND MARI MUST BE HOON SINCE THEY ARE FATED TO BE BROS NOW AND ALWAYS BYE GOODBYE



Choreography by Lee Seunghoon

Ever since my initial descent into WINNER Hell (admittedly, I fell in first and then dragged Anne into this hot mess with me), I’ve thought that their choreography is super dorky and made of trash. But in a lovable way, in the sense that their dorky choreography and trashy dancing is part of what makes them WINNER. You know?? But then I realized that HOON IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CHOREOGRAPHY… and then it became EVEN BETTER AHAHAHKKDFHKJHSDF

Exhibit A: Sentimental MV


This is only part of the ridiculous dance sequence, you MUST see the rest for maximum trash.

Exhibit B: Any Performance of Empty, Ever


This has Lee Seunghoon written all over it and it becomes even more obvious when you’ve watched them perform Empty about 600 times cause you’re burning in Winner Hell.

I mean??? It’s just SO??? TRASH?????? THANK YOU HOON




Okay, we both love that these trashcans are constantly surrounded by pets. It’s like they travel with about 42 different pets at any given time. One of them is the panda dog, apparently named Potato, which is already the epitome of trash but then we have all these OTHER photos and videos of them with pets and like, how can you not appreciate WINNER even more when you see them with puppies and kittens????




All I Need – Foxes

YO. THIS ALBUM. I love Foxes but this is my favorite album from her to date, I think she’s really figured out her sound and also I’ve had Cruel on repeat all week. Um, on rotation with WINNER songs because I am trash. #Mari attempts to prove that she does not in fact only listen to WINNER






This trash receptacle deserves to be inducted into the Swash Hall of Fame for like, a thousand reasons but mainly because WE LOVE HIM THE MOST. He enjoys puppies, Pokemon, and Studio Ghibli. He is a prime example of the highest quality trash that Korea can offer. Most of all, this guy is SO talented and SO hardworking. He moved to Seoul with this dream of making music, even finding an apartment near YG headquarters before he became a trainee just because it made him feel closer to his goal, and you just get this sense that everything he does — all the effort he puts into his role in WINNER — comes from his heart.

It’s one reason why I got so upset when I found out about YG’s lack of promo for the group + their really stupidly long hiatus. I saw this interview with Seunghoon during that time and he talked about how he was even thinking of what other careers he could have. NO, HOON. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM. NEVER. DON’T WORRY ABOUT YG I WILL FIGHT YG FOR YOU GODDAMNIT.

I feel this way about all of WINNER but especially Hoon. They are so, so, SO TALENTED. It makes them unique in their field and really sets them apart from other kpop groups. SUPPORT LEE SEUNGHOON. SUPPORT WINNER.


YG Entertainment

Okay, sure, we are YG trash, but honestly, their company practices make us sad. Like, why was WINNER forced to be on hiatus for A YEAR AND A HALF??? Why?? Why would you do this to such precious trashbabies???? I’m so??? I mean???? YG COME ON. Also why won’t you let them go out on their own, being a YG trainee looks like some form of imprisonment. Granted, Jinwoo should never be allowed to leave the house on his own because he would get lost within 5 minutes, but still. Seriously, YG. Why u do this?? And why only an EP from them after 17 months of nothing?? Forreals???




Mari has been sick for 3000 years. She does not fucking appreciate it.

Still not next door neighbors for some reason???


We don’t have any specific choice this week because the honor MUST go to Lee Seunghoon’s ENTIRE Instagram account. Please, do yourself a favor and follow this trashcan on Instagram. He posts pictures of himself with various WINNER-affiliated pets. He captions a photo of himself being cold as, “Cold. #cold” and also posts about his love of Howl’s Moving Castle WHICH ONLY MAKES HIM EVEN MORE OF A PERFECT HUMAN. Hoon, can we pls be your friend????? I mean?????????

Wait, also his profile pic is a Ditto AND his username is about Ditto and just wow can u get any trashier than Pokemon references?? NO.

That wraps up another week of our fav things, but by no means should you assume that it also wraps up our descent into WINNER hell. This would be a gross miscalculation on your part.

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