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Every Sunday we’ll be reflecting on the latest additions to our long list of Favorite Things. This post is your weekly update on the best trash in this universe. You’re welcome.

We’re back again this week with our favorite things. What do you expect to see? Yep, you’re going to see some ladies who are total YG trash. This post is somewhat more contained than last week but that’s because Anne is on the mend from last week’s illness and Mari got very sick and needs her rest. Regardless, enjoy- we only cultivate the most pure of trash for all to regard~*


T.O.P’s Fan Question & Answer

I fell even further down this week as a T.O.P fangirl. Truly, I am just so beyond gone. I found this gifset of T.O.P answering questions trashily (gif above) and I was like, ‘excuse me?’ and I actually spent a full 30 minutes watching him in the video below try to run a ‘live show.’ Like, he fucks with with the camera a ton and keeps referencing himself as a ghost. It was stupidly entertaining.

Big Bang on Running Man a Million Years Ago 


T.O.P being startled by an intercom announcement, something that would most definitely happen to me too

Okay, so I watched these two episodes of Running Man because Big Bang was on it, and it did not disappoint. Firstly, they were all total Trash (even G-Dragon, which shocked me since my son is often so ridiculous but rarely funny). I appreciated how heated he felt against HaHa, though he got a little creepy. Kwang Soo was a total Giraffe of Betrayal, openly willing to betray HaHa’s location to stay in the game. And finally, T.O.P was his usual amount of ridiculous (I particularly liked when he got startled, though I always enjoy his totally energy efficient ways of approaching Running Man).

My favorite part was when they had to embarrassingly summon a Running Man member by using a “spell” incantation and wear these silly rings. I loved how embarrassed they were as a unit yet they still did it with enthusiasm (sans T.O.P. who kind of half heartedly said his own name when they did it but like, it was so him that it made it even funnier). Regardless, it was a good time. I also loved that at the end, Gary had to find Taeyang and he just walked around calling for “sun!” Here is the video with the incantation (it starts around 9 minutes):


This whole thing was Trash. 10/10, I highly recommend.

This Pun T.O.P Made to Tablo & Haru

I started watching Return of Superman this week for Tablo & Haru because he is a real life trashdad and Haru is a badass princess. I did this per Mari’s suggestion (as most things I do are related to a Mari suggestion). Being me, though, I eventually just started looking for episodes with Big Bang on it (because I am trash). I found one of the early episodes with Tablo taking her to a Big Bang concert. She meets Daesung and is NOT having it, which is hilarious. Then Tablo takes her to meet everyone else and she is SUPER EMBARRASSED (Tablo surmises she has a bit of a crush on G-Dragon which, good for her). So, they’re trying to get her to talk to them and T.O.P approaches with this ridiculous face:


He drops it pretty fast but can’t get Haru to look up from her dad’s shoulder (I feel that Haru, I feel it in my bones). Then THIS HAPPENS:

IMG_4757 IMG_4754IMG_4758

Like, are you f’n kidding me right now? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???? ? ?? ? / ?? ? ? I’m so beyond done. That is straight up a trashy dad joke that 1. I would make and, even better, 2. actual Trashdad Tablo appreciated IMMEDIATELY:


I am so mad but pleased right now. Truly, I could not have asked for anything better.

This care package my friend sent me


Finally, you say, something not related to Big Bang. God, okay, I’m sorry.

Anyway, sometimes I feel like I don’t leave any sort of impact on people’s lives. I live in a way that I think makes me a little bit like air. I’m around, I help, but you don’t consciously think about me very much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 328472398% okay with this and I do understand that I impact people’s lives here and there, I just think sometimes I forget that I impact them more than I tend to believe. One of my friends (actually a former classmate turned work supervisor turned friend) from Chicago sent this to me this week as a Christmas/Valentine’s day gift. I cried a IMG_4728little bit when I got this because, honestly, I didn’t think I was worth this amount of effort. It made me think about how you can affect a person’s life without really knowing it. Like, how did I impact her life to the point where she wanted to do all of this for me?? When Mari sends me things (more than I ever send HER things, I am literally the worst friend) I get it- like, I know that I’m a big part of her life. But this person? She was a huge part of my Summer 2014 and I know I was a huge part of her summer, too, and we’re still friends but I didn’t deserve such a kindness, you know? Especially because she was one of the few friends I had in Chicago; I honestly should be showering her in gifts, not the other way around. Basically, it reminded me to truly cherish everyone in my life (Mari most ;D).

Anne, you are 2000% worth the effort what are you talking about stop this right now this iNSTANT


WINNER Comeback Pre-Release Covers

Good lord, is it February 1st yet??? I’m ready for this WINNER comeback????? Right now???? We listed Taeyang’s cover of Baby Baby in last week’s post but you know what, who the hell cares, let’s include practically every single cover in my list of Favorite Things because REASONS. I am especially obsessed with this one by AKMU (WORLD’S CUTEST SIBLINGS) and this all too short cover of Baby Baby by DEAN. If YG doesn’t release these in full, I will fight someone. Oh, and purely for trash reasons, please check out Epik High’s version of Sentimental in which they spend half the video mildly arguing with one another. (ALSO THE RANDOM STARSHIP ENTERPRISE TOY?? #TABLO AND FRIENDS 2K16)

P.S. Anne’s son G-Dragon also covered Sentimental but all I really noticed was the blinged out Jesus jacket…

Wait wait wait speaking of DEAN!!!

DEAN Sings Hotline Bling

Where do I begin with this??? The glasses??? The adorable striped fox sweater?????? Asking Dean to call me on my cellphone??? (DEAN!!! CALL ME!!! ON MY CELLPHONE!!!) I just?? Don’t?? Even???? Know???? And also, look how much fun he’s having like this is just SUCH the lark for him?? I am completely enamored with this trash and I’m not even kind of sorry bYE.

A Wild Mari Appears



#the most terrifyingly accurate representation of me ever to exist upon this earth 2k16


Bigbang’s Version of I Love You

“Everyone, I Love You is NOT a butt-touching song!!!” – CL

We honestly can’t get over this as a video. Why is T.O.P screaming ? ? ? ?? It’s so trashy the whole thing. Their dancing, the butt grabbing, 2NE1’s concern that it’s not a butt grabbing song… all of it is just so great.


Mari is sick, wtf?? 

She’s so sick she has been in bed all day, so I’ve been trying to fill out our shared portions of this post (hence the influx of T.O.P gifs, she has a much more extensive and appropriate gif collection *casually misses Mari*). I hope she feels better ASAP, because it sucks to be sick and I don’t want my best friend feeling this way.


Mari’s GIF contribution

Mari’s Illness Update: It is Sunday morning and I am finally not feeling like I am on my deathbed so this is progress. Thank you Anne for taking care of so much of this post while I was suffering!!!!!!


We still don’t live in the same place 


Everyone should know that Mari saw these gifs and laughed SO LOUDLY that it was heard upstairs GOD BLESS U ANNE


Anything with Kwang Soo dancing immediately gets a shout out in our Instagram Favs.

Honorable Mention

Henry being trash, once again, deserved a mention.

This concludes this week’s favorite things!! See you next week.

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