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Every Sunday we’ll be reflecting on the latest additions to our long list of Favorite Things. This post is your weekly update on the best trash in this universe. You’re welcome.

Welcome to the second week of Anne & Mariko’s favorite things!! This week is considerably longer than last week’s and, honestly, it’s probably because we are not holding back whatsoever. Are there a million things in the Hall of Fame (HoF)? Maybe. Did we even try to edit it down? No. Did I purposely try to exclude T.O.P because I’m trying to act as if I’m not totally obsessed with him? Absolutely.

Though this week pretty much came from hell, as most weeks following a long weekend do, we can agree that we found many things to love (and almost just as many things to h8, because deep down, we are h8rs). Now, onward, to trash!


High End Crush 

I started watching this at my desk in my office at lunchtime because the drama is a mere 15 minutes long per episode. How great is that?? Plus Jung Il Woo is in it, who I mostly know as Yoshi Ueda from Mari’s Love in Print and the leading lady is so cute.

I won’t go too deep into it, just know it’s trash. It features precious bb idols who do trashy things like console upset section chiefs

And Jung Il Woo’s character is a total trash can.

cap1 cap2

I’m almost done with it (shout out to those 15 min episodes, amirite???)- it’s not my favorite drama ever, but it’s been a totally pleasant experience.

This Evolution of Big Bang picture 


So many things I want to say here. Look at T.O.P, I am so f’n serious I love his baby pictures- his damn eyebrow game was strong from the START (so was mine tho, so I understand this). Also that third pic is callin’ up some Nelly memories.

But look how normal my son, G Dragon, is. Like, he started life off so normally. This didn’t fully cover the scope of GD’s evolution because it didn’t include some of his wackier hairstyles. Taeyang looks the f’n same (like an energetic precious smiley face). Tiny Daesung looks like he h8s all hats then evolves into the smiling puppy he is… ugh I just appreciate this so much.



This portion WAS going to be about these trashy scenes from Cheese in the Trap I enjoyed (because I’m going to be honest, I rly love that show and just presume it’s on my fave things list every week since I pretty much watch each episode twice once they air- WHICH IS UNHEARD OF FOR ME). BUT THEN, I went and checked my mail and LO AND BEHOLD MARI HAD SENT ME THIS CARD:


I’M TOTALLY WEEPING ABOUT IT OKAY. If you wanted to know what it was like for me to be in her house for a week over new years, this is LITERALLY IT. Plus the hairy heart which is arguably one of the very first things we laughed about on Google Hangouts. ILY MARI. And, yes, the front of the card had a picture of beets. God damn I love our friendship.


This Conversation 


Because any conversation about TOPs instagram is probably gold. Also, his Insta is really just my favorite thing for all of life goodbye.


Super Junior’s Mamacita

Lord in heaven if this isn’t the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. How many members are in this group? Why? Yes I did just discover it this week leave me alone. This video is trash I love it goodBYE.



Sung Joon





SUNG JOON IS A TRAP. STAY AWAY. DON’T FOLLOW IN MY FOOTSTEPS. I am so angry that I ever started watching High Society because now I will never be free of this debilitating need for Sung Joon in my life. Prior to watching this drama I’d already heard that, while it’s not the best drama in the world, the two main couples were amazing and worth the time. Truer words were never spoken. I am forever going to be upset about UEE and Sung Joon. I mean, just look at them. LOOK AT THEM.



I really love seeing complicated characters in dramas. Also, I really love a good antihero. (“DID SOMEBODY SAY ANTIHERO????” – Me every day of my life) Sung Joon happens to be both of these things in High Society, at least to me. People who whine about the role he plays need to understand that this is the story of a misguided Slytherin boy who has yet to realize that his solemn Slytherin duty is to PROTECT HIS HUFFLE AT ALL COSTS. SON! Huffles are to be loved and cared for! If someone tries to trample your huffle, TRAMPLE THEM BACK! EXACT VENGEANCE! Do not take advantage of your Huffle!!!! TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR HUFFLE GODDAMNIT SUNG JOON!!!!!



… I have immense faith that my son will learn this before the last episode but I have to scold him anyway because #mufasa. And yes I have adopted Sung Joon. Slytherin boys must be raised v carefully. And yes, yes again, I have indeed turned this post into a paean to Sung Joon. I’m not sorry so I won’t apologize. In fact, you should thank me for going on and on about him because it brings me to his extremely trashy bromance with Park Hyung Sik in High Society (see gif on left), something that everyone needs to appreciate because it is rivaled only by the trashy friendship between the show’s sassy female leads.

Lastly, I am presenting a gif of Sung Joon and LJS IN THE SAME GIF BECAUSE REASONS:


// the sound of my dreams coming true //


Okay so WINNER is further proof that YG is an absolute trash factory. As a result of my recent discovery of this group, I have learned that they are named WINNER because they literally won a contest held by YG. Also I watched Song Minho perform on Show Me the Money with Taeyang, my son, and loled to death at Tablo’s O: face in the process. Basically I’ve absorbed a lot of information over the past 48 hours while simultaneously playing this song in an infinite loop. IT IS MY JAM RN. BYE.

Note: the video for EMPTY basically involves the members of WINNER being extremely, inexplicably depressed (often in their pajamas) in the following locations:

  • a studio apartment
  • moldering fire escapes
  • mildewed stairwells
  • an abandoned movie theater
  • an abandoned laundromat
  • someone’s abandoned car

Who made you guys so sad??? Who????? And while we are talking about WINNER, here’s another highlight of my week…

Taeyang Covers WINNER’s “Baby Baby”

/// MY SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ///

I am a huge fan of YG’s promotional method of having other YG Fam artists cover upcoming singles. They did the same with Taeyang’s EYES, NOSE, LIPS release and there wasn’t a single cover released that I didn’t immediately become obsessed with BYE.

Hufflepuff Class of 2015-2016


When my Huffles leave me in June I will never recover, I will just spiral into despair and give up on life because this class is my entire existence and I love them all and I would fight anyone who ever tried to make them cry unless it was me because actually I make them cry a lot but IT’S MY SOLEMN SLYTHERIN DUTY.


[actual footage of mari and anne]

Anyway, it’s that time of year when we bust out the foster pets for two weeks and they carry around their little puppies and kittens everywhere they go and talk to them and hire their friends to watch them at “doggie daycare” on the playground and it is PRECIOUS and I LOVE THEM and WHEN THEY ARE TAKEN FROM ME I WILL DIE.

Henry Violin Swag

I love Henry and this isn’t new from this week but I only saw it this week so I’m including it anyway. Everyone must watch this. He is a genius trashcan who belongs in your heart. If you don’t love Henry then I don’t love you. That is all.

I’m so mad about this. Disgusted. I love you Henry. -Anne


Aunt Tanya


Aunt Tanya made it into our post last week and, if we’re being totally honest, she will always be in our favorite posts, so STRAIGHT into the hall of fame she goes. This blog is such high quality trash. We are such fans. Follow it.

Portrait of a Trashlord


Okay, but this isn’t the first thing I have seen from this ‘taking high art down’ blog and it is KILLING ME. Truly, I don’t know why they say taking high art down because these are clearly masterpieces.

“Wait can we talk about how complete the caption is like it’s by renowned portraitist John Singer Sargent #HISTORY + TOP” – Mari

LJS + Madame Tussaud’s


“This is incredibly fascinating. I’m happy to be experiencing something new.”

Oh my GOD. The sheer trash of this is unbelievable??? I mean I knew months ago that LJS was having his trashy self immortalized at Madame Tussaud’s Hong Kong but like… I never realized the true SCOPE of this trash???? And now that it’s here, actually happening, I’m just amazed??????


And can we appreciate pls that LJS has a wax figure along with renowned alien trashlord Kim Soo Hyun????

This Conversation


(Anne is embarrassed she couldn’t spell porcelain) 


Kim Jinwoo’s Shorts



#dressing like olds 2k14 #SHORTS TRAUMA IS REAL

Big Bang Enlistment 2k17

Ok, so tbh, who knows when they’ll enlist but I saw this article because I was looking for a picture of T.O.P at the Golden Disk Awards this week and it mentioned they have to enlist soon. I then saw Tumblr go into a flurry which hurt my heart, so I shared it with Mari and we both just kind of disintegrated from there.

T.O.P in what we only really know as the Mr. Rogers outfit.

Basically, we were upset because we only JUST STARTED CARING ABOUT YOU AT THIS LEVEL OF INTENSITY WHY MUST YOU LEAVE IN A YEAR??? ?? ? ? It’s okay though, we understand. Still, it’s sad to think about.



The day I can no longer find International Delight Iced Mocha at the store is the day I hurl myself off a cliff because they went and laced the stuff with crack cocaine and I am ADDICTED. I was able to find it at Walmart but the fact that I now have to make a voyage to Walmart to get my crack cocaine iced mocha fix is unbearable and also inexcusable.


I’m just pissed about it so, there you go. #tissues stuffed up my nose 2k16

STILL Not in the Same City 2k16


We are always going to be upset about this. Get used to it.


Although you can pretty much always assume that this honor goes to Instagram trashking T.O.P. every week, this time we unanimously agreed that this update from adorable trashcan Ji Chang Wook had to be featured today. WE LOVE HIM. HE IS SO TRASH. Also we have such respect for strong headband game. It’s SO IMPORTANT. BYE.


A photo posted by 지창욱 (@jichangwook) on


Hi, this is Anne gone rogue because Mari is off being a responsible adult. It’s not really rogue because I know she’ll agree but PLEASE LOOK at thIS?!??? First, she loves Seo Kang Joon and I do too now because he’s on Cheese in the Trap as a trash can bUT LOOK??? AT HIM???? WITH A TINY PUPPER?? ??? ? Obviously I had to add it.


That’s it for another trashy week of forcing our favorite things on innocent bystanders. See you next Sunday!

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