a brief history of swash


tumblr_o08tgpX26o1te3tdco1_500who can we blame for this??

angry would-be adults anne & mari. best bros and purveyors of trash. leading icons of couch fashion. trapped in a vicious cycle of accidental naps and midnight mochas. always upset about korea. four hours of sleep, ten hours of bigbang. trapped in #got7 hell. in short, we love glasses. #jjcross #minhoon #jongbin


silly hufflepuff with a desperate need to #fixurface. spends most time in a small, dark office surviving on pictures of cute animals and making bad dad jokes. does no harm, takes no shit.


terrifying pint-sized slytherin. subsists on caffeine and the tears of small children. 2000% done in stripes™ + overly fond of cake. #wntbd

what exactly can we blame them for??

spreading trash propaganda through the exact opposite of a lifestyle blog. compelled by their solemn duty as educators, anne and mari created swashblog in january 2016 in order to share the trash in which they wallow during their free time. it’s okay if you can’t forgive them. they don’t particularly care.


#anne and mari are JJP always