5 FACTS: My Love From Another Star


TITLE: My Love From Another Star (2013)
ALSO KNOWN AS: My Love From the Star(s), You Who Came From the StarsThe Alien Show no wait that’s just what we call it I’m sorry
STARRING: Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Park Hae Jin, Ahn Jae Hyun

Welcome to the 5 Facts series, where we tell you the five most important (spoiler-free!) things you need to know about a drama before you watch it! I mean, haven’t you ever looked at a drama and thought, will this work for me?? (???) Will this destroy me emotionally?? (Very likely) Is this as trashy as it looks??? (We’ll be the judge of that, thx bye) Should I, in fact, commit 20+ hours of my life to watching this???? (#time is $$ 2k16 we understand completely)

It’s fine, let us help you. Sit down and have some chocolate milk cause we’re starting this series by tackling one of our absolute favorites of all time… the extremely popular, universally adored My Love From Another Star! Without further ado, here are five things you need to know before you jump in:



File_002File_001Listen, Cheon Song Yi (portrayed PERFECTLY by Jun Ji Hyun) is the QUEEN OF MY HEART. She is my spirit beast. She is my FUCKING FAVORITE. If I had to choose one drama character that I loved the most, EVER, I would choose Song Yi. I don’t even know where to begin with this because my love for her is so intense. If you’re sick of meek, naive, Cinderella girls in the dramas you watch, please know right now that Song Yi is approximately none of these things. She’s sassy, confident, outspoken, headstrong, and has amazing hair every day of her life. (Also important: I could write an entire post on Song Yi’s hella strong headband game.) She can be sneaky, spoiled, utterly useless at practical day-to-day activities i.e. DRIVING and she isn’t afraid to reach out and take what she wants. Sometimes she’s sweet. Sometimes she’s ready to set shit on fire. Above all, this girl has a heart of gold and there was no way I wouldn’t love her. This may be because I really identify with her on a personal level; before Song Yi, I had never met a female lead in a drama that I could really connect with. I think, though, that even girls who are nothing like her will end up loving her anyway. She’s just special that way. (Special to her bones, k??)




tumblr_mznfl05OJF1se1phdo3_250Goodness gracious can we talk about Kim Soo Hyun as grumpy alien/professor Do Min Joon in this drama?? CAN WE??? So grouchy! So attractive! So trash! I’m seriously considering writing a separate post (the companion to the Song Yi Headband Post) dedicated to DMJ Sweater Appreciation alone because the man’s sweater game is unbeatable and outrageous. He deserves it. But he also deserves your undying love because he’s kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and amazing. Plus, watching this grouchy trash monster fall in love with his complete opposite is worth the intense pain and suffering you will go through over the course of this drama. Because boy, does DMJ cause you intense pain and suffering. Aaaahhhhhhh more on that later /wails



I love them individually but I love them even more together because they balance each other out SO WELL. Song Yi is frequently a hot mess and DMJ is always calm, cool, and collected. He steadies her and gives her strength when times are rough, and she in turn brings all this color and light into his life. Really, though, what they amount to is a whole lot of trash.


I mean, they so clearly belong to each other???? Was there ever any doubt???? Also, how is it okay for two people to be SO ATTRACTIVE????? TOGETHER????? IN THE SAME (MILLION DOLLAR) APARTMENT???? Wait, have I mentioned where these two LIVE???




Honestly, I couldn’t blame you for wanting to watch My Love From Another Star just to see the incredible interiors. (// INTERIORS!!!! //) I have serious, unrelenting envy. Every day, I stare at my own house and wonder why I don’t have a tree growing in the middle of my living room. Where is MY secret library?? Where is MY couch bed??? And for the love of God, when is someone going to buy me everything in Song Yi’s wardrobe?????

… Okay, I got carried away about interiors BUT please watch this show for the love story because it is truly unforgettable and it will destroy you and you will be angry with me for many, many years but I will shoulder this burden because WORTH IT.



Kim Soo Hyun’s crying face is unreal and I will never recover, that is all.

Oh my GOD. SERIOUSLY. Kim Soo Hyun’s crying face is NOT OKAY. It’s absolutely brutal. The most effective crying face in the industry. If Kim Soo Hyun is crying, you are also crying. There’s no way around it. You can’t escape. Some people have contagious laughter and Kim Soo Hyun has contagious tears. This is a fact of life that we must all accept. Your emotions are already in grave danger while watching this drama, but things escalate to lethal levels thanks to this man’s horrific talent for shedding tears on screen.

Please go in knowing that Kim Soo Hyun’s crying face will destroy you. There is no recovering from it. You will be obliterated.


Note: I am writing this without Anne rn but I can hear her in the background shouting, “HOW DARE YOU” because I included this gif. It’s fine, I’m shouting it at myself too GODDAMNIT. [SERIOUSLY, HOW DARE!?!?! I am SO UPSET!!!! THIS PRECIOUS ANGEL SHOULD NEVER CRY!!!! -Anne]



I love when I end up falling for more than just the main characters in a drama, and this one is a prime example. (See: Ahn Jae Hyun as Song Yi’s grouchy nerdtrash brother, prince of my soul) Truth be told, I fell in love with way too many things/people/interiors!/clothing/everything while watching My Love From Another Star. It was the kind of love that overshadows questionable plot moments, even. While there are some elements of the ending that I didn’t completely adore, this is still a story that stuck with me. I can’t listen to certain songs from the drama without wanting to sob uncontrollably. I have dozens and dozens of screencaps because I wanted to remember all the best, trashiest, feelscrushing moments. ALSO IF SONG YI SAID IT IN ENGLISH I PROBS HAVE THE GIF I WON’T LIE.


The true love triangle in this drama: Song Yi, Do Min Joon…. and Song Yi’s little brother ahahahajkhsdkfhd

kdrama_notcryingI really didn’t want it to end. I just wanted it to go on and on forever so I could see what everyone was doing years and years later. I think that’s how you know you loved a story, when you never want it to end. There wouldn’t even need to be anything exciting, just DMJ in sweaters and Song Yi whining at him to feed her. I would be cool with this even though I cried like a moron so often that my husband became seriously concerned for my well-being. (He’s often concerned for my well-being. Anyone would be if they heard my crazed pterodactyl shrieks from elsewhere in the house without any context or explanation. Let’s just be real.)

TL;DR, I love this drama and I think everyone should watch it. Everyone. GO WATCH IT.


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